Butterfly Necklace

A butterfly necklace will let your collar bone shine with the luster of a twinkling butterfly right in the middle. Depicting the meaning of happiness and beauty of the most loved animal, it can be a brilliant ornament to jewel up with. Ornate Jewels has introduced a range of butterfly pendant chain online with the most amusing design options to choose from.

Scroll below to have a look at the exclusive range of it online.

Buy Butterfly Necklace Online in India at Cheap Price
Silver Angel Wings Necklace Set in American Diamond
Angel Wing 925 Silver Necklace

Regular Price: Rs 5,327

Discount Rs 2,876

Pure Silver Ruby Butterfly Pendant and Necklace
Rubina The Butterfly Necklace

Regular Price: Rs 7,077

Discount Rs 3,821

American Diamond Butterfly Necklace in 925 Silver
Fly On Butterfly Necklace In 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 6,601

Discount Rs 3,565

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Gloria Almeida
Lovely butterfly bracelet. I love it. Your customer service is great and so is the product. Shall definitely recommend your brand will come back to buy more.All the best
Gloria Almeida  Mumbai
Kaveeta Pol
Recently bought this beautiful 18k yellow gold plated heart pendant. It arrived in a wonderful gift box and a certificate of authenticity. I love the quality and I feel it's well priced. Thanks, Ornate Jewels
Kaveeta Pol  Pune
Jaspreet Kaur
Unusual and Beautiful Fine Jewelry I always fall in love with Ornate's modern designs and love the finesse of their craftsmanship. I like pieces that are not the same old thing that everyone is wearing. I always feel that its value for money jewelry. Way to go Ornate.
Jaspreet Kaur  Pune
Priyanka Tupe
I loved the hand written note that I received the gift. It's so rare to see these old fashioned notes these days. The recipient is always happy to receive a line or two with the gift and it makes a memorable keepsake.What I also love about ornate jewels is their signature box that is sent and not some plastic box. Good Job Team Ornate !!!
Priyanka Tupe  Pune
Ashna Bhagwani
Very chic and wearable jewelry. I definitely recommend and wear ornate. What I like about your designs are very wearable and can be worn daily. The earrings are lightweight and don't cause me any discomfort. I wear them to work and even to my evenings out.
Ashna Bhagwani  Pune

Butterfly Pendant

Butterfly Necklace: Giving A Magical Vibe With Its Presence

Complete your look with the beautiful Butterfly Necklace .The metaphoric significance of a Butterfly  has made itself one of the most loved animals till today. Its extraordinary transformation from being born as a cocoon to evolving as a beautiful animal with wings, it gets cherished for its development from the ugly to the prettiest. This gives an inspiration in real life to have patience and let the bad days pass for the good days are about to come. Just like a butterfly moves from flower to flower, you must also keep the magical presence alive in you to wander to the happy places.

For inviting this beautiful metaphor in real life, nothing can be as good as a butterfly necklace. Countless designs and amazing patterns of butterflies will let you chose the one that makes the necklace happening and up to the meaning you wish to give to life. Considering this, online jewelry stores have come up with spectacular designs for butterfly necklace and pendants available for the ladies. You will get to have enormous options from which you can choose the one suiting your attire or your interest.

Types Of Butterfly Necklace Available Online

A necklace with this pattern is predominantly ideal among the girls. They love to flaunt elegant butterfly patterns over the dresses, tops and tunics. However, with different designs of necklines there are different designs of necklaces too. Some of these are mentioned right below.

Butterfly Necklace: This necklace type is for those ladies who predominantly want their neck to be wrapped with the beautiful wings of a butterfly. For this, the necklaces include patterns of butterfly with extravagant patterns surrounding it. This becomes ideal to be decked on special occasions as well.

Butterfly Pendant: For those women who want a butterfly Necklace to be hung with them on daily basis, a butterfly pendant can be highly appreciated. For this, online places give amusing designs of pendants with multiple sizes and color options.

Butterfly Choker: Choker neckpieces are being the trailblazers of this season. Girls today find it to be stylish enough to pair with the one pieces and tank tops. So, you can definitely try out butterfly choker that also symbolizes the meaning and looks fashionable with the modern attire.

Butterfly Pendant Necklace: What can be better than a pendant and a chain that are made for each other? This is possible with butterfly pendant necklace where each of the two accessories can be segmented and joined as per the convenience.

Butterfly Pendant Chain: This exclusive pattern generally involves both pendant and the chain to be joined with one another. This is how the accessory matches the modern décor mantra and looks amazing with every attire.

Collection Of Butterfly Necklace Available At Ornate Jewels

Ornate Jewels has a blissful collection of butterfly Pendant with wonderful designs. Some of these are mentioned right below.

Butterfly Necklace With Ruby: As they say “Pink is the color of a lady.” So, what can be a better accessory than ruby butterfly pendant with a chain? For instance, Ornate Jewels has Pure Silver Red Ruby Butterfly Pendant which is an epitome of sophistication and prettiness. It would surely look divine over both girls and ladies.

Diamond Necklace: Diamonds have always grabbed a special heart in the world of fashion, and so has butterfly pattern. So, Ornate Jewels has combined  Butterfly Necklace In 925 Silver in its collection. It looks highly classic and sophisticated. Moreover, it is worth ornamenting with every dress color.

Silver Butterfly Necklace: From being modern to being magnificent, a silver butterfly necklace can be the evergreen beaut to be flaunted for forever. You can try out Silver Angel Wings Necklace In American Diamond At Ornate Jewels. This butterfly pendant chain combines together to look glorious and shine with you till decades.

Why Choose Ornate Jewels For Buying Butterfly Necklace Online?

Ornate Jewels has made it easy to get you commendable designs of necklaces with utmost ease. Some of the efficient benefits of buying from here are mentioned right below.

Purity Of Material: We at Ornate Jewel provide incredible quality of material with guaranteed purity. The silver used is hallmarked 925 in order to guarantee over the purity of the butterfly Pendant. This is how every jewel here is precious to adorn you.

Timely Delivery: We give on time delivery of the butterfly necklace so that the client does not have to wait for long to get the jewelry of their liking. The prompt customer service ensures that the jewelry would be in hand and on time.

Reasonable Prices: We provide superior silver quality Of Butterfly Pendant at reasonable prices so that the people get to grab the finest products without giving up on the pocket money. The reasonable prices allow people to get amazing butterfly necklace design with utmost ease.

With these beautiful neck pieces, you can also explore the range of other silver jewellery like silver bangles, silver bracelets, silver anklet and other patterned silver necklace. You will surely get a lot to look at. For further information, you can click online or call and mail at the customer support. The team would be readily available to assist you.