Silver Anklets

Silver anklets (silver payal) are being the trailblazers, not only of this season but from decades and generations of the past. This accessory revives the spirit of glamour and tradition at the same time. So, we have commenced a ravishing collection of silver anklets for girls (Chandi ki payal). From chic to classy, you will get to see every pattern of your desire right here. Our collection holds 925 hallmarked silver and enhanced payal designs with ruby, emeralds, and other silver patterns available online. Have a look!

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Silver Anklets
Love Circles Silver Anklet

Regular Price: Rs 2,681

Discount Rs 1,448

silver anklets
Love Filled Heart Silver Anklet

Regular Price: Rs 2,450

Discount Rs 1,323

silver anklets
My Heart Plain Silver Anklet

Regular Price: Rs 3,983

Discount Rs 2,151

silver anklets
Plain Infinity Silver Anklet

Regular Price: Rs 3,549

Discount Rs 1,916

silver anklets
Infinity Design Pure Silver Anklet

Regular Price: Rs 3,045

Discount Rs 1,644

Silver Anklets
Silver Anklets With Charms

Regular Price: Rs 4,760

Discount Rs 2,570

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Gloria Almeida
Lovely butterfly bracelet. I love it. Your customer service is great and so is the product. Shall definitely recommend your brand will come back to buy more.All the best
Gloria Almeida  Mumbai
Kaveeta Pol
Recently bought this beautiful 18k yellow gold plated heart pendant. It arrived in a wonderful gift box and a certificate of authenticity. I love the quality and I feel it's well priced. Thanks, Ornate Jewels
Kaveeta Pol  Pune
Jaspreet Kaur
Unusual and Beautiful Fine Jewelry I always fall in love with Ornate's modern designs and love the finesse of their craftsmanship. I like pieces that are not the same old thing that everyone is wearing. I always feel that its value for money jewelry. Way to go Ornate.
Jaspreet Kaur  Pune
Priyanka Tupe
I loved the hand written note that I received the gift. It's so rare to see these old fashioned notes these days. The recipient is always happy to receive a line or two with the gift and it makes a memorable keepsake.What I also love about ornate jewels is their signature box that is sent and not some plastic box. Good Job Team Ornate !!!
Priyanka Tupe  Pune
Ashna Bhagwani
Very chic and wearable jewelry. I definitely recommend and wear ornate. What I like about your designs are very wearable and can be worn daily. The earrings are lightweight and don't cause me any discomfort. I wear them to work and even to my evenings out.
Ashna Bhagwani  Pune

Latest Collection Of Silver Anklets For Women @Ornate Jewels

Silver anklets (chandi ki payal) are considered to be one of the most auspicious jewelry pieces in the life of women. This jewelry marks the beginning of the fondness for tradition as from girls to ladies, anklets grab a special heart among all. So, we have brought you a mind-blowing collection of 925 silver anklets online for your love for payals on board.

Having an anklet on the ankle sometimes gives women the reason to walk and dance in the house more. Reason being that this precious silver adds grace to the toes like nothing else. The craze for silver payal design even convinces ladies to wear shoes in which they can flaunt it more. Our newest collection of these silver anklets for women will tell you more about why buying anklet is in the bucket list of girls and ladies. We have exclusive designs that would match your dressing sense to the core, be it Indian or western.

Silver Anklets Designs Available Right Online At Ornate Jewels

Nowadays, silver payal design are being highly in trend. It is not just made for the ladies who wear it below the sarees but it is also a style statement for girls wearing tunics. Our collection of these payals online are made to enhance the look of every attire in the best possible way.

We have got the finest collection of silver anklet (chandi ki payal) designs for providing a classy and chic look. As they say, a person notices the shoes first. So, why lag behind in flaunting your legs lately? This time it will not only be the shoes but also your ankles that will outshine the glory of silver. Our anklets are also hallmarked with 925 sterling silver which does not darken for numerous years ahead. The range holds some of the exclusive designs of anklets for giving a modern touch to the desi look.

The timeless beauty of silver payal has only risen with fondness with time. In fact, giving ankles as a gift is a prestigious way of welcoming the woman to the family and giving her the love and respect she deserves. It is the slight noise of these jewel pieces that make them extremely popular among the ladies. It makes her walk winsomely like never before.

Also, silver anklets (Chandi ki payal) are said to be more reasonable than any other precious stone like gold. It is cheaper to be brought in every house while the design family gives a wide and wonderful range to cherish.

Pure Silver Anklets Online At Ornate Jewels

Pure silver payal have been long appreciated in the tradition as it depicts the purity of the ritual. It is generally seen that a baby girl is shown love by her family through small baby anklets that they wear from a very young age. Secondly, a girls new life begins when she is about to get married. This is when she is addressed with silver anklets for brides which are given by the in-laws of her on their auspicious occasion of a new start.

Although you may find many material options like platinum and metal anklets, yet silver anklets for women top the list with their material utility and fashion. You can certainly make your choice out of accouterments available in different sizes and styles. These are segmented according to different budgets so that the person can buy silver anklets online with neither cutting down the pockets nor compromising on the style of the anklet. To enhance the look of this subtle accessory, you will get to see multiple enrichments at Ornate Jewels. From bold to beautiful, you have the option to look at every kind of accessory according to your persona.

We include silver anklets for girls and women that further have hanging gems or patterns to give meaning to the anklet kind. Be it the addition of rubies, sapphires, emeralds, or just some hanging silver pattern, your jewelry type is in your hand. Our Sterling silver bracelets bring you brilliant quality to choose the one for your class.

With this, our competing design pattern will get you the formal to the fascinating attired according to the occasion. You may get silver anklets for brides that are heavy, lustrous, and full of life. You can also get a look over thin anklets that top the fashion list of a 16-year-old girl.

Silver Anklets For Women: Giving A Contemporary Touch Of Fashion

A 925 hallmarked silver anklet (silver payal) is meant to increase the durability and trust of the user to the core. Let the women be out on their heels and flaunting their ankles with anklets that mark the symbol of beauty even today. Our vivid collection of anklets online will make your day when you receive a box at home which opens up to be a bundle of joy.

With this, you may also trust the quality of silver that we provide as these are lead-free and nickel-free. This ensures that the chandi ki payal is hard to be broken for decades and generations ahead. In fact, it does not darken easily as well to guarantee that the luster lasts forever to keep up the charm of the silver anklet for girls. These are adjustable too for both girls and women as the sizes can be fitted for all.

We lately polish our silver anklets for girls with anti-tarnish wash and rhodium as these are meant to give a shine and keep it up for many years, unlike any ordinary silver metal jewel that darkens easily.

With this, we guarantee the supreme quality of anklets so that it can run with you and your hierarchy as you want. Also, these are comparatively cheap and affordable so that people can buy silver anklets online without combining their months of fund collection for jewelry.

We at Ornate Jewels bring you a mind-blasting range of anklets online which will quench the thirst of every fashion lover out there. Each of the silver anklets (Chandi ki Payal) is further hallmarked with the 925 marks.

So, enjoy your days of dancing with flaunting your ankles with exclusively designed silver anklets, silver rings, silver earrings, silver bangles, silver bracelets, silver necklace and many designs of silver jewellery right at Ornate Jewels.